The City of Cranbrook is updating their Downtown Plan, which is consistent with the direction of Council within the Cranbrook Strategic Plan 2020-2024. The Strategic Plan identifies the importance of ensuring adequate downtown parking supply for existing and future businesses, while identifying redevelopment opportunities based on infrastructure capacity. The review of the Downtown Plan will feed into the development of a Downtown Revitalization Master Plan.

The project will be broken down into phases and will include aspects like exploring existing constraints, identifying key outcomes and multiple assessments and analysis including an indepth analysis of the Mt Baker RV Resort. Throughout the phases of the project there will be opportunities for the public to take part and get involved and provide valuable input to the project.

A successful Downtown Revitalization Master plan will be a document that not only showcases and highlights the incredible amenities the downtown currently has to offer, but it will also be a guidebook for future economic diversification, success, and a magnet for innovative economic growth.


This long-term planning document is a conceptual layout that guides future growth and development of an area. Analysis, recommendations and proposals for a site’s economy, population, housing, transportation land use and community facilities are all included in this dynamic document. The connection between buildings and the environment along with social considerations is what makes this document come alive. Master Plans play an important role in shaping the urban environment.

What is a Master Plan based on?
  • Public Input
  • Planning Initiatives
  • Existing Development
  • Physical Characteristic
  • Social Conditions
  • Economic Conditions


Revitalization doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a step-by-step process that includes immense background research, evaluation of current conditions and carefully crafting realistic visions for the future. When discussing a revitalization on a scale as large as downtown, the regeneration process is critical. Restoring existing charm and what’s been done right while improving and refreshing what needs changing is key.

We’re all enamored by beautiful spaces in design magazines, but beauty must also be purposeful. We’ll be solving existing problems in downtown, testing ideas and gaining insight as we continue to improve a design. Downtown Cranbrook can incorporate additional public spaces that would serve as engaging gathering spots for residents, visitors and professionals working downtown. Increased activity in downtown means a breath of fresh air and revival for the area creating economic opportunity and tourism draws.

Cranbrook Draft Downtown Revitalization Master Plan




We are excited to announce that the Cranbrook Downtown Revitalization Master Plan is now drafted and ready for further public engagement and input from the larger Cranbrook community. We will be holding a digital open house on June 19, 2023 at 7:00 pm. Sign up details are below.

How did we get here?

In 2021, the City of Cranbrook identified that a Downtown Revitalization Master Plan was required and hired a team of consultants to help them. Since then, the team has engaged with the public in various ways. We conducted a survey, we held outdoor pop-ups where we asked you about how the downtown could improve, we held online Lifescapes (visioning charette) sessions, and discussed the progress and direction of the Plan at advisory group meetings.  We also provided Council with updates along the way! After compiling this feedback, the team drafted the Downtown Revitalization Master Plan and presented it to Cranbrook Council on April 9, 2023. With some minor tweaks to the Plan, Council advised that it is now ready for review and feedback from the larger Cranbrook community.  You can review our presentation to Council here.

Open House: How do I find out more about the Plan and how can I provide feedback?

We want to hear from you!

Join the project team online on Monday June 19th from 7:00-9:00 pm. The project team will provide an overarching presentation on the Downtown Revitalization Master Plan followed by an opportunity to ask questions of the team.

If you would like to review the Plan prior to the Open House, please click this link to access the draft Cranbrook Downtown Revitalization Master Plan.

Registration is required for the open house. Please click this link to register.

Do I have to attend the open house to provide feedback?

Of course not! If you would prefer to provide feedback on your own time, you can do so by clicking the “Get Involved” tab at the top of this webpage and filling out the web form or by clicking here.

What will we do with the feedback?

After the open house, the team will create a “What We Heard report” that will reflect all the feedback heard during engagement conducted throughout this project. This report will be shared with Administration and Cranbrook Council and may inform revisions to the document. Where the feedback cannot be included, the project team will take the time to provide some reasoning within the What We Heard Report.


Public and community engagement provides the opportunity for focused conversations, allowing a structured step-by-step method of leading people through phases of reflection allowing them to process experiences as a group. Public engagement allows residents to be heard, provide feedback and inspiration for projects, and stay informed about what’s happening in their community. The Downtown Master Plan Revitalization will have a variety of ways for the public to get involved.

The following engagement events have already taken place:

  • The Stakeholder Advisory Group
  • Lifescape™ WORKSHOP
  • Pop-Up Events

The next opportunity to get involved is a public Open House. Please sign up for Open House here! *Please note registration is required to attend the open house*.
Remember you can send us your feedback by using the “Get Involved” tab.

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